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Yes, You Do Need a Financial Coach

Anyone who wants to know how to retire early, comfortably and permanently needs to consider a financial coach to help them achieve the goal. In fact, when you consider the death of private pensions and declining Social Security returns, anyone who wants to have any chance of enjoying retirement at all can benefit from financial coaching. Here are some of the most common objections people give when it comes to speaking with a financial coach, along with our responses to those objections.

1. “I know how to handle my money.”

No, you don’t – at least not when it comes to planning for retirement. Sure, you may know how to make a budget, and no one should attempt to dispute or attempt to minimize that. Following a budget is something that too many people failed to do leading up to the financial crisis of the past decade, so anyone who is prudent in their budget should absolutely be commended.

Regardless, there is a big difference between creating a household budget and strategizing for a comfortable retirement. They’re entirely different animals; one is simply a plan that helps you allocate your money every month, while the other is complex and multi-faceted. Anyone who is seriously seeking out how to retire early (if at all) should seek the advice of a professional who can guide them through the complex maze of  investments, asset building and savings strategies that are necessary to achieve their goal.

2. “I already listen to a guy on the radio.”

Uh-oh. Here we go again, making a comparison between a personal financial coach and a financial entertainer. The truth is, there is no comparison. One knows your personal finances inside and out and delivers you customized advice based on your what your specific situation looks like, while the other spouts buzz words, talking points, formulas and theories, and knows absolutely nothing about you.

By all means, listen to your guy on the radio while you drive home, work on the car or do household chores – but don’t confuse his theorizing for personalized advice on how to retire early, invest your money or leverage your assets. A financial coach knows you and your finances, and can provide you guidance that works for you – no generalizations, no catch-all formulas.

3. “My finances are fine. What do I need a coach for?”

Would you say that about going to the gym? Think about it: If you lost 50 pounds, built some muscle and started feeling more energetic, would you automatically fire your personal trainer? Of course not! You would continue to meet with him on a scheduled basis to maintain the results he helped you achieve. At the very least, you would continue to visit the gym on your own, say hi to him and ask him questions as needed – right?

It’s the same with your finances. You may be doing fine right now, but things happen; ask anyone who was affected by the collapse of 2007-08. As software magnate Strauss Zelnick has said, “Arrogance is the enemy of continued success.” That may sound like just another CEO proverb, but it’s actually sage advice and a timeless principle that definitely applies here. Overconfidence, self-importance and naiveté played large roles in the financial collapse and history will repeat itself.  You want to be someone who learned from that, rather than someone who falls for it again. There were plenty of people who wanted to learn how to retire early and thought that real estate was the only way to do it. They didn’t have personal finance coaches; they thought that cash flow, loose credit and flipped houses were all they needed. They were wrong.

A personal financial coach can assess your current portfolio and give you personalized guidance that aims to improve it as time goes on. Finance coaches have the insider’s knowledge necessary to help you prepare for what’s coming next, so you can either embrace it or avoid it. These are the advantages that you just can’t get from a successful friend, a radio host or even your own instincts.

Whether you want to learn how to retire early or simply establish a beginning portfolio, you can schedule a complimentary session with a personal finance coach to get started. Call (888) 994-6424 today to request this appointment!